Your Free Checklist to Build Your Dream Online Business

Before you start reading this checklist, I want to clarify that this is not about how to legally set up a business. This is regarding all the things you will do in order to get your business online and grow.  If you need help setting up your legal business from conception, here is a checklist for you to do first: An Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business by SBA 

I also love this article regarding all the steps involved in starting any business:  30 Point Checklist For Your Startup

If you would like an excel spreadsheet version of this checklist that you can print out or use in excel, feel free to email me anytime and I will send it over,

Now Let’s Get Started. I wouldn't recommend skipping any of these steps.

Reading this long list may feel overwhelming to you, but the women in my course learn step by step how to do every single one of these processes with me.  You do not have to figure this stuff out alone.  That is why I made the Mothersun Entrepreneur Course.


1.  Start formulating your Brand and Brand Philosophy.  AND start building your following NOW.  You do not have to have product yet, you don't even have to have a business yet.  Start speaking your truth and connecting with people, business colleagues, and influencers in your arena NOW.

2.  Create/Find the perfect product for your perfect niche market.

3.  Know your target market, research what a target market actually is, then research data for your target market and DO NOT just tell yourself that your market is for women between the ages of 25-39.

4.  Decide who and how your products will be manufactured.

5.  Try to get samples of your products, so you can start some research and development.  Your products will easily need to be tweaked and changed until they are perfect.

6.  Become an expert in your trade.

7.  Read my free "Mindset, Manifestation, and Feng Shui Magic" course in order to get your mindset and frequency in alignment with success and prosperity.  You can enroll here.  

8.  Buy your domain name and build your website. Find your shopify theme.  You can hire a designer, or you can do it yourself via Shopify with my help in the course.

9.  Build your website with the proper format to gain trust with your potential customers.  Now, when I say "build," you do not have to build a website from scratch noooo way.  We are not web designers, we are creative entrepreneurs!  Shopify has a ton of beautiful themes you can choose from.  All you have to do is choose the perfect them for you, upload your own photos, and add your business info.

10.  Add automated sales drivers to your site.

11.  Research Sales Funnels. Create your own and add them to your site.

12.  Price your products with proper profit margins.  

13.  Research extensively about Search Engine Optimization. Optimize your website and then get an SEO Manager app for your site.

14.  Research how to find and use the proper keywords on your site to attract google traffic.

15.  Create your policies, put them on your site in the proper places.

16.  Write the perfect About Page. Research how to do this.

17.  Install your google analytics onto your site. Learn how to read your data.

18.  Start listening to Jen Sincero's "You Are a Badass at Making Money" on Audible.

19.  Set up your Quickbooks account. Learn how to do your accounting in quickbooks or pay someone to do your books for you.

20.  Set up your shipping and handling department. How will you merchandise your products? What kind of shipping material will you use and what vendor will you buy from?

21.  Set up your account. Establish your shipping rates on your site for each product you ship.

22.  Start to develop your marketing message for your target market.

23.  Design your Instagram branding. Create your mood board theme for your company.

24.  Download your scheduling app and start to organize your Instagram feed.

25.  Learn the inside and out of Instagram and how it works, how to work with the algorithm.

26.  Write your marketing plan. Which platforms will you use and how?  I suggest getting really good with at least 2 platforms, we don't have to do it all, we just need to do a few really well.  

27.  Buy the preset you are going to use. Get familiar with it. 

28.  Take your product shots. Stay in alignment with your brand while you do so. Upload to your site.

29.  Style and Produce your new collection lookbook. Stay in alignment with your brand while you do so.

30.  Start sending out your products to anyone you know personally who has somewhat of a following on social media.

31.  Gift some product to close family and friends in exchange for testimonials.

32.  Listen to Gary Vaynerchuck's book "Crushing It' on Audible.

33.  Create your timing schedule for Instagram posting.

34.  Start planning your next collection launch.

35.  Start promoting it, create your promotion timeline.

36.  Finalize your sales funnels and start building your email lists.

37.  If you are going to be blogging, set up your blog schedule. Research your long tail keywords for your upcoming posts.

38.  Learn how to utilize Pinterest properly to drive traffic to your website.

39.  Set up your wholesale business and policies.

40.  Create your weekly and daily schedule.  Time management as an Entrepreneur is extremely important.

41.  Get my Financial Projections spreadsheet in the course, plug in your numbers, see the possibilities, set your goals, and watch your income grow.

42.  Become Financially Wise.  

43. Research Third Party Logistic Companies so that when you out grow your shipping capacities, they can take over.

44.  Launch your new collection, and work your ass off for the next however many years it takes to reach your goals.  Success does not come overnight.  It takes guts, blood, sweat, some tears, and enver ever giving up.  But you won't give up, because you love what you do with your entire Soul.