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Our Family Appreciates You SO MUCH

Thank you for heading to our QR Code and for doing so, we want to give you a special discount.  Use the code MOTHERSUN LOVES ME to take 15% off your next order.  

What to expect from Mothersun and the Captain this Fall: Phew!  My girls are back in school and Mama is going to get more work time.  During the summer I get to be home full time with my girls and so I take a breather from product design and manufacturing.  I hope yall enjoyed all my launches at the begin of the summer and I now will be getting back in to the design flow for Black Friday and the holidays.

We have a brand new website and new instagram account!  Check out all the courses and coaching services I am now offering for all my fellow self help and entrepreneur beauties out there.  Go to to see all the newness.  I have a free business training webinar too for you! Follow this link for my free business training and share it with any friends and family who want to start and grow their own online stores too.

New instagram account ~ @mothersuncollective come follow!

And last, my husband and I have some secret plans in the works for possibly a new man brand.  Follow on instagram @thegoodcaptainco for updates!

Thank you for being here, you are making my wildest dreams come true, and for that, I simply cannot thank you enough.  Love you all endlessly,
XOXO, Lindsey