Mothersun and the Captain Family photo

Our Family Appreciates You SO MUCH


Thank you for heading to our QR Code and for doing so, we want to give you a special discount.  Use the code MOTHERSUN LOVES ME to take 15% off your next order.  

Here is what is going on with our Family: We bought our first home!  We are leaving Santa Barbara for a new little beach town.  Stay tuned for our moving journey, house renovation projects, and styling ideas.  We bought a bungalow near the beach and we are renovating the whole house, it's been a crazy ride already for both John and I but we are so excited for this next chapter and to bring y'all along with us.


Here is what is going on with Mothersun and the Captain:  My mom and I are loving being in business together.  As most of you know, my mom and I joined forces earlier this year and I no longer am working solo.  She is a dream come true to this business.  Our shipping times are faster and more efficient than ever, so we are excited to make your experience with our business that much better.  Now that summer is here, trucker hat season is in full swing.  I have been busy growing the wholesale hat business and getting new buyers, while my mom is running our online retail store.  In addition, I have been working with my students in my Entrepreneur Course.  
Our business consists of 3 income streams:  The retail store, the wholesale hat business, and the Entrepreneur Course.  I open the course every 2 months to bring in more women and men who either have a dream to start an online business, and also for those who have an existing business and want to take it next level.  The next open enrollment is July 1-10.
Thank you for being here, you are making my wildest dreams come true, and for that, I simply cannot thank you enough.  Love you all endlessly,
XOXO, Lindsey