Mothersun and the Captain Family photo

Our Family Appreciates You SO MUCH

Thank you for heading to our QR Code and for doing so, we want to give you a special discount.  Use the code MOTHERSUN LOVES ME to take 15% off your next order.  

Here is what is going on with our Family: We are officially settling in to our new beach town, Ventura CA.  Our house renovation turned out to be a total success and its been fun sharing our new space with y'all on Instagram.  Soleil and Echo are both now in school and Mama is getting her groove back.  I am diving in to new artwork, products, and two new courses. 

What to expect from Mothersun and the Captain this Spring: We are launching our newest art campaign, FIREBIRD. And be on the lookout for updated hat inventory for Spring/Summer, as well as a big Mothers' Day product launch.

Entrepreneur Course Schedule: This year we are transforming the Entrepreneur Course into an evergreen course so it will be open all year round.  I have updated the course material for 2022 and its ready for all my Entrepreneurs.  You can read all about it here: Entrepreneur Course.  

Thank you for being here, you are making my wildest dreams come true, and for that, I simply cannot thank you enough.  Love you all endlessly,
XOXO, Lindsey