Mothersun and the Captain Family photo

Our Family Appreciates You SO MUCH


Thank you for heading to our QR Code and for doing so, we want to give you a special discount.  Use the code EARTH MOTHER DAY to take 15% off your next order between now and Mothers' Day.  

We are celebrating Earth Day in April and Mother's Day in May so use your code for either.  

Here's what to expect from us in April and May:  We will have new reusable tumbler cups so that we can all collectively begin or continue to eliminate small wastes such as plastic cup containers.  We are also going to be sharing our views on Seaspiracy, the new Netflix documentary addressing worldwide commercial fishing.  Since we are a commercial fishing family in the US, I have been getting so many messages asking to share our knowledge and view on the subject, so I am sharing lots of Earth Day subject matter the month of April.

Leading into May, we are restocking a whole bunch of nursing friendly tanks to the clothing store.  And for Mother's Day, we will be offering bundles for Mamas so that you can gift the brand new mamas and guru mamas in your life with our thoughtful AND useful products.

So, don't forget to use your special discount code for either of Earth Day or Mothers' Day celebrations.