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In this day in age, it is so vital that women heal their past and move forward to break the walls of the patriarchy.  Through my own story of matriarchal demise, I now have found a way to hopefully help women who fall into the same fate as I did.  

I am about to share a story with you that I have never shared on social media or in public, ever.  I am sharing this with you so that I can truly paint the picture of how I completely changed my life in two years with this Mindset practice.  I created this practice with the help of the powerfully conscious women in my life who taught me all of this as well as a list of books that the Universe gently placed in my lap.  This practice healed my life and flourished my business, and now it is here to help you.

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Be a Goddess

"When you root yourself in deep, powerful, feminine energy, you see life differently.  You begin to grow in magical ways, giving yourself permission to show your powerful radiance.  You start to realize the Universe supports and guides us, and you stop relying on your own strength, slowly loosening your grip on control." - Audrey Schwegel from her book "Be a Goddess."  

Be a Goddess

"Be a Goddess" by Audrey Schwegel is here and it changed my life last year as I read it while working on the Goddess illustrations I made for it.  I am now so thrilled to have it available for purchase here for my Mothersun customers.  


It's easy to feel lost, stuck, and unfulfilled.  In fact, that's how Be a Goddess author, Audrey Schwegel felt when she knew she was working in a job that was quickly taking her nowhere.  And that's when she decided it was time for a shake up.  So, she began living a divine life according to Goddesses Parvati, Durga, Lakshmi, Lalita, and Kali - and, how things changed!


Schwegel believes every woman should love herself as much as she loves those around her for she's a divine never to be extinguished.  The Goddesses teach lessons for all time, inspiring women to awaken their inner divinity and become the Goddess herself, in human form.

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