Mindset, Manifestation, & Feng Shui Magic

Written from experience by Lindsey Mickelson Hoadley

Starting Over

I am about to share a story with you that I have never shared on social media or in public, ever.  I am sharing this with you so that I can truly paint the picture of how I completely changed my life in two years with this mindset practice.  I created this practice with the help of the powerfully conscious women in my life who taught me all of this. I also have a list of books that the Universe gently placed in my lap that I will share with you.  This practice healed my life and helped my business to flourish.

Years ago, I found myself in the darkest chapter of my life.  I had fallen into a narcissistic trap of manipulation and psychological warfare with an abusive partner for many years.  Before him, I had been a print shop owner and was incredibly independent, took care of myself, and lived in this joyous confidence that I could literally do anything I set my mind to.

But when you fall for a narcissist, and don't get out in time, they slowly and methodically chip away at your soul until you are nothing left but pulp on the ground.

In the process of it all, I had lost everything.  He had talked me in to selling my business when I became pregnant.  It was a great way to make me completely dependent on him.  And it worked.  I didn't see it coming.  I gave up my beloved business that brought me security and my identity since I was in my early 20's.

By the time I was able to finally flee literally in the middle of the night, I was 32 years old with an almost 2 year old little girl and I had almost nothing left to my name.

I felt so jaded and lost, but that was only the surface part.  Inside, I had been completely rewired by my abuser.  The successful powerful badass I had been my entire life was now a paranoid, scared, pitiful disaster.  But I had this beautiful little girl who depended on me.  And I had to fix what I allowed to get broken.

What I did know was that I was very powerful.  I had always had this capability to manifest things. I was taught this power as a kid.  I literally could bring in jobs, desires, boyfriends, all kinds of things throughout high school and college.  I demonstrated this power over and over during all of my 20's as an entrepreneur living in Santa Barbara, CA.  I always made shit happen.

So, I started with my first task.  I had to find a safe sanctuary for my daughter and I to go to.  The list.  That's right!  That is how I used to always start all manifestations.  The list.  Write the list, Lindsey.  I wrote down exactly what I needed, in detail, and read it allowed every day 3x and in the format that it was happening now.  "I have a safe home that I can afford in *the specific town I need to live in* with a special outdoor space for my toddler and I to thrive in."  I said that in my mind all day every day, it was all I focused on.  Three weeks later, I got the house.  There was a long list of possible tenants and I was chosen.  The day I moved in, there was a huge pile of white feathers in the middle of my private gate entrance.  If that is not a sign from my Angels, I don't know what is. (And sidenote: the day I moved out of that house 2 years later to move in with my then fiance, a pile of white feathers appeared again at my gate, but this time there was a bloody bird heart laying in the middle of the feather pile.  I literally cannot make these things up.  CRAZY!)

I filled that little house with crystals, unicorns, mermaids, my warrior women paintings, and plants, and called it my new feminine sanctuary. I told my daughter our new house was called the Unicorn House.

My next step in the healing process was to face my depression and feel my sadness.  I didn’t cover it up or deny it or pretend I wasn’t feeling it. I cried all the time - when my daughter wasn’t looking.  I allowed myself to be depressed and to sit with my feelings of disparity for however long I needed to.  I began to slowly come out of it 6 months later and I started to feel again and what I began to feel was Self Love. I hadn’t felt it in a long time.  I started to soul search to remember that strong woman I had been before, and to gently explore this new woman I was becoming.

This is when I wrote my next set of lists. I wrote my manifestation lists and prayers, and I focused on them almost every day.  I wrote a manifestation list for my business, for my personal life, and for my new life partner. I was absolutely not looking for love, but I knew it was never too early to simply start the manifestation process.

My goal was to become limitless, weightless, and to live the life that we all deserve and are capable of living.  I was determined to live in abundance and love and immense light. I didn’t have to be sad anymore, and I most certainly did not have to swim upstream in life anymore.  I was proactive and knew that I control my life within my mindset. I was ready to live my truth, shed the layers and become the BEST version of myself. My routine became this: Every morning before I started work I took my daughter to preschool, I exercised, came home and made my coffee, sat outside in my feminine sanctuary, and I PRAYED.  I read my 3 manifestation lists 3 times each, felt the sun on my face, took deep breaths and cleared my mind. I prayed that I relinquished everything inside of me that was holding me back, that was fear based, and full of lack and limitation. I went within and I forgave myself for everything and truly focused on loving myself. I gave myself the love and the validation that I had been searching for previously.  We don’t need to go outside of ourselves and search for it in other places and from other people. That was a HUGE lesson I learned during this time. I healed this by becoming really good at self love, self care, and self reflection. I went slow, I was easy on myself, and very patient with my healing.  I began to go to therapy during this time as well.  And that was another key part of my resurrection.  

Fourteen months later, my manifestations began to come to fruition.  When I was a new single mom, I felt like I needed a million different jobs in order to have the income I needed to raise my little girl.  I got 5 jobs: I was a cocktail waitress at night when my daughter was with her dad, I was a fitness instructor (I was trying to stay active and thought it was a great idea to get paid for working out, plus it took me out of my comfort zone and I really like doing that to myself!), I was a freelance designer, I ran clients’ social media accounts, and I ran my own website and wholesale business, Mothersun and the Captain.  At some point I was working myself to death. All of a sudden, I got a message from the Universe, and she told me to quit all my jobs and focus on my business. And within 2 months, I had quit all of them.  Nonetheless, I was terrified. I booked a feng shui appointment with an expert whom I will tell you more about later. She came to the Unicorn House and turned it upside down. We got rid of every last bit of the remaining things that came with me from the last chapter.  We cleared the energy, cleansed it, and put the appropriate things in place in order for my house to work with my new found energy. It was an amazing experience. I painted all of my walls, bought a ton of new plants, and I did every single thing she told me to do.

Literally two weeks later after that Feng Shui appointment, more magic unfolded.  Two weeks later, my now husband (a dear friend of mine for over a decade) miraculously walked back into my life.  I moved my Mothersun website from Squarespace to Shopify (after receiving another message from the Universe), and my income doubled. All of a sudden I had reached the two biggest things on my manifestation lists: 1. I started making thousands of dollars a month from my business, and 2. I had found my true soulmate.  They happened 14 months after I began my mindset process.

Today, I have a thriving business that makes me so incredibly happy. I have the most supportive and loving customers my business could ever ask for. I am in the most healthy and empowered relationship I have ever been in.  I am living in a fairytale, and I did it myself. My mind, my heart, and my soul did it. And if I can do it, you can too.

Right now, I would like you to sit down and write a list of your personal development goals and your business goals.  What is a day in your life like? What is a day in your business look like? How many sales are you making each day, each week, each month, each year?  Get detailed. This list is now your manifestation list, or you could call it your affirmations. Every morning when you are drinking your coffee or tea, I would like you to sit down, in an outdoor space or a quiet space that soothes you, and I want you to read this list at least three times.  Picture it, believe it, smell it.

When you are manifesting, its important that you do not speak in a lacking consciousness.  For example, I need $100,000 or I want $100,000 is actually telling the universe that I do not have $100,000 and therefore I will continuously be affirming that I do not have $100,000 in my bank account.  So, I speak in the present when I am manifesting. I have $100,000 in my bank account. I make money with ease and grace.

Here are 3 example affirmation lists that are very similar to the ones I used during my healing chapters: 


  • I make _____ that the whole world sees and buys
  • I recognize messages that come to me from the Universe and my Angels
  • I only express love
  • I give love and I receive love
  • I release the emotional need to struggle
  • I make money with ease and grace
  • My child/children are divinely protected always
  • I let go of any ancestral need to be hurt
  • I am a good mother and partner and know how to handle all situations
  • I let go of any belief in loss
  • I accept compliments and self love
  • I practice self care


  • Divine Intelligence gives me all the ideas I can use
  • Everything I touch is a success
  • There is plenty for everyone, including me
  • I establish a new awareness of success
  • I move into the Winning Circle
  • I am a magnet for Divine Prosperity
  • I am blessed beyond my dreams
  • Riches of every sort are drawn to me
  • Golden opportunities are everywhere for me
  • I make at $xx or more each month selling my ________
  • I sell xx number of products per month
  • I have big buyers that place big orders who pay on time
  • I have ideas that turn into products that go viral
  • I know exactly what my perfect customer needs and wants
  • I have the perfect collaborations to grow my business each week
  • My products are innovative and top quality
  • I have a manager that helps me run the business
  • I have the proper cash flow that allows me to grow my business
  • I create a powerful message with beautiful striking marketing images


  • My Soulmate is my best friend
  • My Soulmate is positive, smart, happy, and kind
  • My Soulmate is struggle free
  • My Soulmate likes to _____
  • My Soulmate emotionally supports my business 
  • My Soulmate surprises me with thoughtful things
  • My Soulmate treats me like a Queen
  • My Soulmate is romantic, trustworthy, and honest
  • My Soulmate has a good positive family
  • My Soulmate is a wonderful and supportive parent
  • My Soulmate is emotionally stable and in control
  • My Soulmate accepts me for all that I am


I have continued to use this power of writing my lists for endless goals and opportunities.  One such example is that we decided that one of our goals would be to manifest our first home purchase.  I wrote the affirmations "My perfect home purchase is manifesting now in the perfect time, location, and price."  I figured we would not be ready for at least another 2 years (had to save a hefty sum for a house down payment and we had just bought I pretty expensive business the year before and were still playing catch up), but I wanted to get started on the manifestation process.  Six months later, we got a phone call from our landlords saying that they were getting a divorce and that we would have to move out.  I was astonished.  I believed this was the affirmation beginning to come to life.  So, I added to our above affirmation that we had our down payment by the end of April (and I wrote down the specific dollar amount we needed).  This was also during the craziest house market I have every seen during the pandemic when real estate sky rocketed due to low interest rates.  It seemed like an impossible task for us to complete as first time house buyers using our own money from our businesses.  And yall, we closed on our first home purchase that April.  We had begun that house affirmation in July of the previous year.  It took less than a year to come to fruition.

I also use this idea for when I am working with my business clients.  When you are an entrepreneur, there is no one telling you what to do.  Being your own boss is awesome but it can also be daunting because there is literally no one telling you what to do from day to day.  So, I keep everyone on track by telling them to write their business goals in a separate list.  Read those goals every single morning before you start work, and simply being reminded of what your business goals are will help define what your tasks need to be that day, week, month.

Self Love

In the beginning of this healing process, I didn’t realize how much negative self talk I had going in my head all day.  I have known this mindset practice my whole life, because the women in my family taught me at an early age.  Because of this, I know how to control my thoughts, and I understand the power of the law of attraction. But somehow, I had been programed in my previous chapter to think lowly of myself.  My confidence was at an all time low and I felt so numb. My Grandma gave me an awesome prayer to say to myself every day.  She told me to put it on my mirror in my bathroom and everytime I look into that mirror, I was supposed to look myself in the eyes and say this prayer:

I, (your name here), love myself unconditionally just the way that I am, in all of my magnificence.


Cue the tears!  Gosh I think that right there was one of the most significant things I received during the healing process.  To love ourselves so greatly is the best thing we can ever do. Now, I live my life by kindly accepting compliments about my work and my art (something I wasn’t doing much before) and by telling myself I am a badass business woman every day.  I tell myself I am an amazing Mother. And I now truly feel it all. I invite you to put that affirmation on your bathroom mirror and watch it start to change how you look at yourself.

Limiting Belief Systems

What holds you back?? While you write your manifestation lists, notice anything inside you that resists your plan and your excitement.  You may, like MOST people, have programs inside of you that have been put in place since childhood and past experiences, that could be holding you back.  It is extremely important to face those inhibitions, write them down, and burn them. Let them go. Put post-its up everywhere with the affirmation on it that says, “I let go of everything inside me that holds me back.”  Because those limitations are no longer who you are. Some previous life chapter may have put it into your psyche, but that is no longer the person you are today. Let go of everything inside that no longer serves your highest purpose.  And let them go every day until they are truly gone. Trust the universe, don’t try to control anything, be easy on yourself, forgive yourself, and let go.


It is vital that you surround yourself with people that will help guide you, carry you, and lift you up when shit gets tough.  And for those people who do none of that for you, get them the hell out of your life. People can be a major part of the things in your life that hold you back if they are not Heaven sent to support you in life.  My women in my life are who kept me afloat. My true friends, my mommy, and my grandma helped remind me that I was an unstoppable force, that I was a child of the Universe, and that I was a badass. If you have your own business, this is crucial for your work too.  You will need financial guidance, management guidance, business advice, design assistance, and emotional support. I highly recommend creating an unofficial board of advisors, a group of people you can turn to for help in any aspects of your business and life. My board of advisors consists of my husband, my parents, my therapist, my CPA, my business coach, and a handful of my girlfriends.  My husband lifts me up daily and boosts my confidence. My therapist helps me keep my mind on track in all areas of my life, especially in business. I send my parents and my girlfriends my design ideas and they give me incredible feedback and guidance. My CPA makes sure I am running the business properly and by the rules. And my business coach is my accountability person. She almost acts as a pseudo boss I can work with who can tell me what the hell to do when my brain is going a million different directions at once.  Gather your tribe around you, the proper one, and they will help carry you to success.

Feng Shui

You might think I am a little crazy in regards to this one, but I am serious!!!  Feng Shui your freakin house. It is magical miracle work, this one. Feng shui came into my life in a very special way.  I went to a women’s retreat in Santa Barbara and there was a feng shui consultant there who presented one of the workshops.  Pamela from The Feng Shui Collective taught us about feng shui within the home and how it can draw in any of your wildest dreams. Feng Shui is an ancient practice of clearing space within your home so that the energy in your home is flowing perfectly with the energy within you.  The outcome is magic happening all around you when you sync your home with your heart and goals and dreams.

At the end of the retreat, Pamela offered anyone who lived in Santa Barbara a free consultation.  I waited for months to do it. Finally, I called her and she came. And I believe my Angels sent her to me for a reason.  According to feng shui terms, I had been swimming upstream for a while. She came in, cleared everything out, and told me exactly what to do.  And yall, the magic came right away.

So, for starters, throw away anything and everything in your house that you do not use or need.  Do it! Right away. Clear it all out so that you can welcome new fresh energy and experiences in.  Clear out all the cobwebs and the mess. Clean any cobwebs at your front door. Hose your whole entrance on the outside down, wash away the dust and the old energy.  The entrance of your house is reeeeally important to keep fresh. Maybe paint your door a new color? Maybe get a new door mat? Fresh plants? A new chime? Get your things super organized, super cleaned, and clutter OUT.  The more cluttered and messy and dirty your house is, the more cluttered and messy and dirty your life will be because what happens in your life is all about energy and the law of attraction.

Next, pull out the Bagua Map, go out the front door of your house, turn around and look at your house from the outside.  Look at your Bagua Map in front of you. Most likely, your front door is going to be the bottom of the map, where the Career square is or the other two surrounding it.  The top row is the back of your house. When you look at the map, see which rooms of your house fall under each section of the map. These squares represent all the different parts of your life, like a pie.  If you want to enhance these areas, you put these colors and objects and themes in those rooms of your house.

This is what Pamela told me:  In my Unicorn House, the Career sector was my entrance.  The Knowledge and Self Cultivation room was in my living room and so we put my bookshelf there, pictures of myself with my daughter, and plants.  My wealth and prosperity room was actually my bathroom and she told me this: Clear out all the clutter, fill the room with living plants, expensive art, expensive towels, a new bath mat, add purple, and keep the drains closed.  And always always, keep your toilet lids down, because energy goes right down the drain. My Love and Marriage room was my bedroom. I had my original Goddess Paintings that I had painted when Sol was in my belly up on the wall.  Sol loved them. Pamela told me to get the single ladies out of my Love and Marriage room! She said fill it with pairs of things, so two of everything. She also told me to include artwork with couples in it, so I found a beautiful image of two wolves cuddling.  I bought more plants, threw away my old comforter cover, and bought a new tie-dyed pink one from Urban Outfitters. I repainted all the walls in my tiny house white, we cleaned all of the patio furniture and moved every last bit of my belongings around into new spaces and configurations.  I will never forget that weekend when I did this. And yall, like I said, TWO weeks later my Soulmate Captain re-entered my life. And 2 months after, the Universe sent me a message to move my website from Squarespace to Shopify. I listened, and I doubled my income. It was WILD. This works!  If you believe.

Here are some fun reads on feng shui decorating tips






Pamela and Lauren of The Feng Shui Collective are dear friends and colleagues of mine and I asked them if they could offer my community here a discount code for their services.  Here are their offers for us: 



Even when I was at my ultimate low, I still prayed to the Universe and thanked her every day for all that I had.  I was so thankful for the strength I had to leave an unhealthy situation and start my life over at the age of 32. I gave thanks for my tiny Unicorn House and for the beauty I had filled it with.  I am not exaggerating when I say this - I literally walked around that tiny house every single day and thanked it with my whole soul for keeping my daughter and I safe. When things don’t go the way you thought they would, you can be very powerful by trusting the Universe that she is working everything out for your highest good.  In doing so, you shift everything that is in front of you from loss to gratitude to abundance. There are women and children in the world who live in war zones, who truly have nothing, who are truly in danger on a daily basis. When I think about those women and children, it humbles me so greatly that my problems don’t seem like problems at all.  I am so incredibly thankful for my life and every precious day I get to experience in this world. So, this is reeeeeally important: Every morning when you wake up, give thanks for everything you have. Truly and honestly give thanks to your higher power. And let her know that you are ready to make miracles with her today. And when you go to sleep, give thanks again for everything that you have.  This alone will change your life.

Law of Attraction

It is real and it is simple.  And it is really important to understand.  The energy you put out into the world will come right back to you.  These days, I can literally see my vibrations coming out of my chest.  They look like pink quartz crystals bursting out of my chest. I know that when that high vibrational energy is pouring out of me, there is only one kind of energy that can coexist with it, and its high vibrational energy coming right back to me.  “Believing it’s true or untrue doesn’t change anything. It’s a simple universal principle. However, if you believe it and get in tune with it, you can start predicting and expecting what happens to you, for you. Your awareness of the Law of Attraction can affect your life.” - MindValley.com.  I also have a great book for you to read that explains the law of attraction so clearly.  I will list it in the book section.

Artwork by me of Gratitude bursting out of Her chest

Exercise and Healthy Eating

This topic cannot be overlooked.  When I was in a really bad place psychologically speaking, exercising saved my life.  I remember crying from my car all the way to the door of the workout facility, and then taking a deep breathe and walking in.  In there I could take out all my stress through a hard sweaty workout. The class I chose was a room full of beautiful women, everyone dancing these workout routines, lifting weights and getting strong, and it was great feminine energy.  Yoga did the same for me too. It not only got me really physically strong, but exercise is truly a stress reducer. And last, the food you put into your body affects the energy that is going in and out of your system. Organic and green and alive! And enjoy eating, indulging, and letting yourself BE HAPPY and CONTENT with food.

Please share with me on Instagram your progress in all of this.  I get DM's regularly from women who after reading this, have made miracles by getting in alignment and allowing the energy to flow instead of swim upstream.  Seeing these women thrive is something that I have no words for.

For all my entrepreneurs:

All of this stuff is super important for our businesses.  When the heart and mind are in alignment, we have created a foundation to build success and abundance out of it.  I call it a Soulful Business.  It's a  combination of intelligence, street smarts, unstoppable determination, mental awareness, mindset practice, and organization.  We also can't be soft in our emotions.  We have to be firm yet compassionate;  A Soulful Business Owner. 

After utilizing this course, you now: have the right supportive people/colleagues surrounding you as part of your community, your office and home are organized and clean and open to flow, you have a morning routine that focuses on manifestation lists, and many more new habits and mindset practices.

If you need help with building your website and social media account (or improving the ones that you already have), I have a badass Entrepreneur Course that guides you through all of my business practices that I utilize to run Mothersun and the Captain.  You can read about my

Mothersun Entrepreneur Course Here

and I also have a Free Business Checklist you can utilize now to get your business going/growing.


I order books on Audible and play them while I am driving and while I am in my office. I recommend getting any or all of these on audible. 


Jen Sincero  

“How To Be a Badass"

“How To Be a Badass at Making Money”


Denise Duffield-Thomas



Carrie Green

“She Means Business”  ** For everyone who bought my Entrepeneur Course this is a must read for you!


Louise Hay

“You Can Heal Your Life”


Audrey Schwegel

"Be a Goddess"


Lynn Grabhorn

“Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” **this is the Law of Attraction book!


Robert T. Kiyosaki

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"



We have come to an end to this Mindset Course, I really hope it helps you in miraculous ways.  I am blown away by the swiftness of the Universe when we let go, open our minds and our hearts to accept our greatest good, and watch the miracles happen.  If you have any questions or feedback now that you have read it, feel free to email me, mothersunshop@gmail.com

For The Entrepreneurs:

In order to launch and/or grow our businesses, it all starts within us.  Your mindset will make or break your business, your career, your dreams, everything. It is extremely important that while you are creating and/or growing your business, you are also taking the time to shed the things in your life that are no longer serving you.  You want to launch/run this with your head in the game, your belief systems strong, your house and office clean, and with the greatest confidence that you will succeed.

For additional resources, my  Entrepreneur  Course is available as soon as you decide its time to invest in yourself.

It is time to become the best version of yourself and to lead the life you can see in your dreams.

Until we speak together again soon,

All My Love,