Courtney Arnall for Mothersun and the Captain

Courtney Arnall for Mothersun and the Captain

The Sisterhood of the Sun is a commUnity of women, gathered virtually, physically and cosmically to embrace the ever shifting experience of being a woman this day in age. We keep our faces and our hearts toward the light, and in doing so, hold space for each other to SHINE!
As Mothersun continues to grow, and reach all the corners of the universe, we continue to find women who embody our brand. We are thrilled to introduce to you our first, but certainly not last, Woman of Influence.. the radiant Courtney Arnall, Mama of (almost) 2, ocean loving, wanderlust Goddess and adventure addict in the most inspiring way. We hope you enjoy getting to know her in this exclusive Sisterhood of the Sun interview, where Elise and Courtney share wisdom, inspiration, and just plain truth bombs. We couldn’t be more blissed to honor Courtney as a true Stay at Beach Mom! Enjoy!
Stay at Beach Mom Tank

Elise: On behalf of Mothersun and the Captain, Lindsey and I are so excited to have you join us and the Sisterhood of the Sun as one of our Women of Influence! Vibes are so important and we love your energy! Our first question is to help us get a feel for who you are, so lets get started! Which five words best describe you?

Courtney: I’m SO stoked to be apart of this amazing Sisterhood! Oo great question! Five words
to describe me.. Loyal, Go with the flow, Wild, Loving, Protective.

Elise: We know you are the ultimate Stay at Beach Mom, which is why we so stoked to have you join us! Tell us about where you grew up, where you have lived and where you are now. How have these places made you who you are today?

Courtney: I grew up in Roseville, California which is about 30 minutes north of Sacramento. Although we were so far inland, my parents embedded a sense of adventure at a very young
age. So growing up we went everywhere! Whether it was trips to Lake Tahoe for
snowboarding/wake boarding, or surf trips to Santa Cruz. I met my husband in High School and we got married after his first deployment to Afghanistan. I then moved out to North Carolina to be with him, where we conceived our little grom Wyatt. We then moved to THE most magical little Island in the Pacific, Oahu, where we lived for almost 4 years. We recently just moved back to North Carolina which has honestly been some what of a struggle being the beach lovers that we are. All these places have impacted my life immensely. California and Hawaii awoke my wild spirit, while Carolina forced me to slow down and re-align myself and go inwards.

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Elise: What is the best advice anyone has given you?

Courtney: Oh man this is a tough one, but I think the best advice I've received is to always be yourself and speak your truth with grace and love. In todays society, we have so much pressure to be the perfect Woman, Mother, Friend etc. that it can sometimes be daunting to be your true authentic self. But life is too short, and you deserve to honor and live out your beautiful life without fear or judgement!

Elise: YES SISTER!! So true! To thine own self be true! Simple piece of advice, big meaning, not so easy to implement.. Could you tell us a few things you are most passionate about?

Courtney: It really is! I'm super passionate about my little family and making sure they value the importance of getting lost in nature and adventure. Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. I love freezing special moments in time or just capturing peoples reactions/emotions and giving them a special memory that they can physically see and hold onto forever. Last but not least the ocean! Mama ocean has always been a reliable source of healing for me and its up to us to protect her and make sure generations to come can experience the abundance she has to offer!

Elise: Your family is such a joy to see through social media, and your passion shows through your photography! I love that our love for Mama Ocean is what brought you and I together personally, so there's no denying the healing power there! What essence do you think people remember most about you and if you could tell the world one thing what would it be?

Courtney: Thank you that means a lot!! Ah I miss our magical days at Waimea with the babes! I think people always remember how goofy and quirky I am. If I could tell the world one thing, it would be that WE are all in this together. So speak kindly to one another, embrace each-other and be more empathetic and understanding of one another.

WE are all in this together. So speak kindly to one another, embrace each-other and be more empathetic and understanding of one another.

Elise:  You are due with your second baby in December, what is your favorite part about pregnancy?

Courtney:  My favorite thing about being pregnant is the pure love and joy a baby brings into your heart. I love feeling her move and just the progression of the different stages of pregnancy. At first I would fight the idea that my body was growing and expanding but I’ve never felt more confident and beautiful carrying my baby girl. My son is my world & I had such an easy,amazing pregnancy with him and with Wave it feels so sacred carying another woman in my womb. I still remember I was surfing out at Chuns on the north shore and I was a week away from finding out what we were having.I kept having visions of me holding a baby girl & when I was out on the water a huge rainbow appeared over the horizon and I knew it was our Wavey girl. A mother’s intuition is so tripy and always right, pregnancy is such a beautiful experience!

Elise:  Can you share your birth story with Wyatt?  Your story is incredible and I was hoping you could share it with our Sisterhood because I believe it can inspire so many women.

Courtney:  Yes.  My husband Dylan was deployed to Afghanistan a week before Wyatt was born and missed the first 9 months of his life.  I had amazing friends that turned into family who were right by my side through it all.  I am grateful for that experience of how strong it made me; giving birth and learning the new role of motherhood by myself.  However, I am relieved that I am surrounded by family and my husband for our birth of our daughter.

Elise: What a story!!!!!  Wow!!!  Women are seriously so strong.  What are your two favorite Mothersun and the Captain items, and lastly, where can our readers and followers learn more about you?

Courtney: Thank you! My absolute favorite Mothersun and the Captain items have to be my Stay At Beach Mom organic bamboo tank. I’m expecting my little Wavey girl soon so it will be the perfect breastfeeding tank!

I also love my Goddess coffee mug which is the size of my head and has the most perfect affirmation! I will be working on a blog soon but for now most of my social media is through

Instagram @ _Oceangypsy

Elise: Last question beautiful.. What does it mean to you to be a Stay at Beach Mom?

Courtney: Being a Stay at Beach Mom to me, means embracing the ebbs and flows of motherhood. Learning to be completely present in whatever situation gets thrown your way and to enjoy the beauty in everything that encompasses raising little groms/mermaids.

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