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I Just Built a Brand New Shopify Website for My Business with a Baby in Tow


When I first started my former Mothersun website, my daughter was about a year old.  There we were.  I was on the computer teaching myself how to use Squarespace (thank the goddess Squarespace is so easy to use!) with a baby on my boob.  And here I am this week.  Two years later, I am teaching myself how to build my new shopify website while I brush dreadlocks out of my daughters hair.  Is this what people call a Mompreneur?  It's so glamorous, ummm.. right.  Actually its glorious.  And this time I am not being sarcastic.  It is glorious.  Seriously, anything a mom does in addition to being a mom is HUGE.  In my opinion.  Balancing anything in life with children is quite the incredible feat.  

So, here I am this week.  I decided to put Sol into preschool a bit more regularly, so that I can see what happens when I focus on building the Mothersun brand.  These are a few little steps in the right direction.  I'll be sharing more and more with you in regards to whats happening here via the blog.  If you are reading this, my very first blog post on this new website (I couldn't get my old blog from the old website to merge to this one, so I am starting from scratch) then wooooow.  You are already such an amazing friend and a key component to the success of this online store.  You being here, right now in this moment, makes me tear up with happy tears. 

It's been a long road to get to this point but I feel this happiness grow and attract more and more super intelligent and amazing people into my life.  Since you are reading this, (and I am not publishing this code anywhere else at all) I wanna give you 10% off for a lifetime so you can shop my site and I'll know who you are.  Those who read the very first blog post on my new website.  You are amazing.  And I love you.  Here is your life long code: REBIRTH.

If you want to live this life too, please check out my Online Course: How to Build Your Dream Business.  In this course, I teach you EVERYTHING I have learned over the last 10 years as an Entrepreneur.  It is priceless and I know it will help you get your dream started with total support and much less mistakes if you were doing this on your own.  Hope to see you in Class!!

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P.S. This pici below is a snapshot of my very first Mothersun website that I built with a baby on my boob, trying to find my new place in this world as a mother who's dream was to work for myself and raise my child on my own,
and I want to remember exactly what it looks like forever.    
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