If You Are Worried About Hurting Your Children if You Leave An Unhealthy Relationship...

If You Are Worried About Hurting Your Children if You Leave Your Relationship... Watch This

This video is for all you mamas out there who are scared to leave relationship because you think it will hurt your children. Here is my personal living proof that my daughter is soooo happy about her single mama getting married. This is a video of my daughter's reaction when I tried on my wedding dress for the first time.



I receive many messages via DM's and emails and texts from mothers who are stuck in unhealthy relationships and have a fear of leaving because of the negative repercussions it may have on their children.  And I answer this way every time:  Your children will be happy when they see the best version of their mother.  When they see their mother happy and when they see their mother become a free and fulfilled woman that they have never seen before, they will end up OK.  They will in fact, end up being better humans than they would ever be while watching their parents in a dysfunctional relationship. 

I am now in a happy and healthy and respectful relationship with the man of my dreams after I did immense therapeutic work on myself to heal the damage that had been done to me.  Soleil now is so excited for my marriage.  She is the happiest little girl, the same girl I worked so hard to teach and guide in the ways of being a good human.  She is that child.  And if I had stayed, I guarantee you, she would have learned the ways of dysfunction and would have ended up another dysfunctional human on this planet.

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Thank you for sharing this…the wisdom that is so hard to believe and follow when you’re in the midst of it.


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