Success Summit for Women in Santa Barbara

Female Entrepreneur Success Summit

This year I decided I wasn't going to be vending anymore.  I much prefer to sell my products online and to wholesalers in the comfort of my own art studio : ) But then I got an email from the co-founder of the Success Summit asking me to please vend at their event.  And I had to say HECK YES.  And yall, I am so glad I did.  

This women's retreat at the Loft in Santa Barbara was so awesome.  There is nothing more powerful than a room full of women helping and supporting and teaching one another.  Empowering women helping empower other women is a special force that we womankind should be enforcing each and every day.  I had a blast soaking up the energy, learning, and meeting new lady bosses.  There was alot I already knew, after being an entrepreneur for 10 years now.  And there was a lot of info I didn't know as well.  I am very new to selling online.  My former business was manufacturing and screen printing, but I have never run an online business until I started Mothersun as a hobby in my garage almost 3 years ago. 

My favorite thing that I took away from the weekend was the intent to hire a business coach who could help me do the things that I don't know how to do.  So, the following week I did it.  I bought myself a coach, the same woman who asked me to vend at her summit.  My friend and now business coach Alisa Wilcox is helping me take this little business to the next level.  What have you done lately to invest in yourself and your wildest dreams??

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